This page offers a selection of compositions. Clicking on an link will provide you with a music file of the selected work.
With the exception of Autumn River all performances are computer generated using Finale music

Nefertiti: Fantasia for piano solo
1: Nefertiti   2: The priests of Amun   3: Aten

Freedom's Light: Quintet for flute, oboe, harp, piano and double bass
1: Kithara  2: Syrinx  3: Aulos

Autumn River: Chinese songs for Counter-tenor (sung in performance by Jacquie Currie)
1: Autumn river's white gibbons  2: Watching a white falcon  3: The river's a bolt of bleached silk
4: A million rock-cedars  5: Song of the Merchant

Strawberry Fayre: Symphony for woodwind and strings
1: Stepping out  2: Down by the river  3: Cider-cup

Concerto for violin
Allegro con fuoco/Molto meno mosso/Presto con molto leggiero

Sonata Fuggevole
for Double Bass & Piano
1: Principio  2: Romanza  3: Scherzo